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terça-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2011

a @pintolaranja quer ir ao Pólo Norte. 'bora dar-lhe um empurrão?

«There is no such thing as "The Journey of My Life". Nor do I believe there will ever be, as their beauty relies in the contrasts and differences. Each one shows unique aspects of this whole hearted planet in need to be loved, in desperate struggle against destruction. But to Embrace the North Pole peacefulness, the silence, rough nature in its most pure state, ambrosia for one’s soul... this is definitively a once in a lifetime experience!

In the end... there is only so much I can tell, as words are not even close to enough when it comes to explain what this experience means to me as a human being.

From my heart echoes the deep desire to follow this quest. From yours, the good will to let me go.»
Votem na Susana. Onde? AQUI!

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